About Us

A Grand Elephant , was established in 2005, and are a well-respected film production company. The company specializes in full production support services as well as producing their own content. As is known, Thailand is one of the world’s beautiful countries, having a wide variety of locations. It is often used by film-makers as backdrops to their movie projects, music videos and marketing pursuits. Thailand, like other countries is evolving all the time, with new laws and its culture. So, it is important not only to find a local production partner, that understands, but one who can steer you through the systems and culture of Thailand.

A Grand Elephant caters for everything that foreign filmmakers and companies require in Thailand. Our experienced team of producers and crew will give you the most professional production possible, and provide you with up-front advice and help using our well-established contacts. We don’t discriminate in vis-à-vis the size of the production but rather, we treat every film company we meet with the same respect and determination.
We look forward to working with you.